In April of 2001 I spent two weeks on Hopi and Navajo lands in
northwestern Arizona. The purpose of the trip was to trade cottonwood root for Kachinas, baskets and other Hopi made items and learn something of the life of the Hopi. I was fortunate to have met Vera and Steve of Keams Canyon and the Hopi Credit Union. Vera took the time to introduce me to some Hopi families and potters and Kachina carvers. I spent several days at Walpi,(the oldest continuously inhabited village in the U.S.) meeting carvers and painting a bathroom for Grandma Olive, who is 91, a potter, and lives with no electricity, using oil lamps. Driving to Arizona in the Volkswagen Vanagon Camper, my first stop was the wonderful museum at Flagstaff. The scene in the upper right hand corner of this page shows the snow covered San Francisco Peaks behind Flagstaff, Arizona. To get a better view of them and start the tour... click the button