Hello to all,
Some time ago, I recorded images of a working trip to Ireland, specifically County Kerry, in the southwest of the island, very close to the Atlantic. Jaunita did not go on this trip as the living conditions were primitive and the purpose was to put a slate roof on a "pre-famine" stone building owned by our neighbors here in California, Chris and Jan Twohy. Chris' great grandfather came to America from Co. Kerry in the 1850's, during the famine, caused by the potato blight. Chris had been visiting Ireland and some of his relatives for the three years previous to my trip, and decided to purchase a house which had also been a dairy on a larger estate. It was bought from Lizzy O'Sullivan, age 72, who had lived in that house all her life with no electricity, no running water and no toilet! The house (dairy) is located at "Slieveduff" which loosely means "Shady Mountain" in Gaelic. The nearest town of any size is Kenmare, a 30 minute drive from Slieveduff, a colorful place, somewhat like Mendocino, California.
Kenmare has three main streets, brightly painted stone buildings, many shops and pubs.
I flew to Shannon airport on November 22, 1999. Took the Eireann bus to Limmerick, transferred to another bus going to Kilarney, where Chris met me. We spent the next two and one half weeks punching slates and putting them up along with numerous other jobs outside the building, and inside if it was raining. Chris' wife Jan arrived for the third week and we spent the last four days before I returned to California, driving to some of the interesting sights, and staying at "Bed and Breakfasts". They dropped be back at Shannon airport December 13, 1999 for the flight home.
I took my Sony digital camera to record the area, the work and some of the sights, and have put together a small travelogue.
It was an enjoyable trip, my first to Ireland. It turned out to be much colder than I expected and the living conditions were quite challenging even with a duck down sleeping bag, double socks and down "booties" to sleep in! We made a great deal of progress on the roof and other projects. But Chris is still awaiting electricity.
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