Western United States Trip - July/August, 2000

The title we've given this photo is, "Gone For Good, Never Coming Back", and is to introduce you to a series of photos which will be added to our new, personal website located at : www.craftmontana.com/coddington/

This photo was taken in the little town of Neihart, Montana on July 25th, 2000.

Jaunita was fortunate to have a few days more than two weeks off, while her employer was also away and we took advantage of the opportunity to do a very special loop trip through seven states, visiting friends and relatives and seeing some areas we'd never been to before. We left home on Thursday July 20 and returned on Saturday August 5.

Love to all,

Tom and Jaunita

(Above comments taken from an e-mail to personal friends & family, sent soon after the conclusion of the trip)